ABC’s of What To Do/ Kid’s Activities

A- Arrange toys or stuffed animals.  Add blocks together.

B- Bath.  Bake. Bubbles.  Baby Sign Language.  Baby Massage.  Ball – basketball, bouncy ball, baseball.  Build with blocks.  Bouncing on Yogi. Bike.  Board Game.

C- Color.  Collect things around the house (colors, coins).  Clean.  Cook with parent or guardian or pretend cook.  Chalk – sidewalk chalk.  Cars.  Count. Chores.

D- Dance – put on some music.  Draw a picture for someone – of family, favorite place, favorite animal. Days of the week.  Duck, Duck Goose.

E- Educate.  Enjoy.  Entertain.  Exercise.

F- Fort – make a fort!  Fingerprint.  Flash Cards – make your own or use premade (ABCs, 123, Colors, Touch and Feel).

G- Games.  Hide and seek.  Tag.

H- House – play house.  Hide and seek. Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes.  Hokey Pokey. Hopscotch.

I – Itsy Bitsy Spider.  If All the Raindrops.

J- Jack in the box (lift baby up in air after singing).  Jump Rope.  Jump ABC’s, 123s.

K- Kick ball.  Baby Kisses.  I Kissed The Baby black & white contrast book.

L – Learn something new. Listening walk (no talking – listen to all the sounds around you!)

M- Music – create some noise.  Months of the year.  Mr. Potato Head.  Mrs. Mary Mack (hand games).

N- Name – practice writing name or numbers.  Name colors, abcs, numbers. Nature – go for a walk.

O- Organize.  Observe insect, pet. Oragami – fortune tellers.

P- Paint.  Playdoh.  Practice ABCs, 123s.  Pat a Cake.  Puppet show.  Puppets out of lunch brown paper bags. Playdate. Paper Airplanes.

Q- Question – what’s a subject you want to learn about?

R- Read a book.  Rhyme (make up rhymes).  Ring Around the Rosey.

S- Swim.  Sing (ABCs, Itsy Bitsy Spider…). Spanish. Stickers.

T- Teach.  Trace letters.  Tag.  This Old Man, He Played One.

U- Understand – what’s something you want to understand more? Bugs, Butterflies, Insects.

V- Visit neighbor or family member.

W- Walk.  Woods.  Wheels on the Bus.  Write – name.  Write a letter to someone.

X- Xylophone…

Y – Yoga poses.  Cat/Cow, Down Dog, Frog, Lion.  Yoga Breaths – Lion’s Breath, Hiss Like Snake, Sniff like Bunny, Pant Like Dog.

Z- Zzzz – take a nap.


Any ideas on what I’m missing or what to add? Comment below 🙂

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