Websites to Visit

Spinning Babies – fetal positioning for pregnancy and birth

KellyMom – everything you want to know about breastfeeding

Dr. Sears – Pediatrician, author of 30+ parenting books; has topics A-Z

BabyWearing International – local chapters that have meetups of baby wearing community; they usually have a bunch for you to try out and can meet local mamas – magazine for natural family living

BabyCenter – download the app for weekly updates on your pregnancy – Check out her 3R’s video.  Author, doula, childbirth educator, she has prepared >13,000 women for birth.  She wrote Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn. -Spiritual, Holistic, Conscious Childbirth Resources – Inspiration for Natural Pregnancy and Fear-Free Natural Childbirth



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Ch 2 – So Many Choices

  • Hospital Ratings (subjective)


Ch 3: Common Changes and Concerns

Transgender and gender nonconforming parents:

Survivors of childhood sexual abuse

Pregnancy after a previous loss:


Ch 4: Having a Healthy Pregnancy

Prenatal Testing

Genetic Carrier Testing

Substances to Avoid:

Environmental Hazards:

Workplace Hazards

Domestic Violence


Ch 5: Feeling Good and Staying Fit


Ch 6: Eating Well


Ch 7: When Pregnancy Becomes Complicated


Ch 8: Planning for Birth and Post Partum


Ch 9: When and How Labor Begins

Positive Videos about Birth


Ch 11: Labor Pain and Options for Pain Relief


Ch 12: Comfort Techniques for Pain Relief and Labor Progress


Ch 13: Pain Medications


Ch 14: When Childbirth Becomes Complicated


Ch 15: All About Cesarean Birth


Ch 16: What Life is Like for New Mother


Ch 17: When Postpartum Becomes Complicated


Ch 18: Caring for Your Baby


Ch 19: Feeding Your Baby and Ch 20: When Breastfeeding Becomes Challenging

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