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Positive Affirmations for Birth – Indigo Midwifery

Repeat the affirmation to yourself, either out loud or in your head. The more you practice, the more you will get out of it!

Now, find a comfortable position, take some deep breathes and…

  • Relax
  • Birth is a normal, natural process. I TRUST my body and my baby
  • Labor CANNOT be stronger than me because it IS me
  • I am grounded. I am STRONG
  • I am perfectly in sync with nature. I allow the rhythm of life to flow through me
  • My body knows how to birth my baby. I listen for it’s message.
  • My baby knows how to be born. I listen for my baby’s guiding voice
  • I remember all of the women who have walked this path before me. They did it and so can I!
  • There are 490,000 who will birth on the same day as I do. I draw strength and courage from them.
  • I free my mind from negative thoughts
  • I acknowledge my fear everytime I feel it…
  • As soon as my labor begins, I allow myself to relax completely
  • During each surge, I allos my body to slip effortlessly into deep relaxation
  • I make progress with every surge. My body works efficiently and at the pace of my choosing
  • As my labor progresses, my relaxation deepens.
  • I relax and LET…GO
  • I surrender completely to my labor. I trust my body to be in control of my birth
  • I insist on being treated with respect and dignity. I am my strongest advocator and I speak up for myself.
  • You will be perfectly supported during your birth. You will be able to be respectfully ask for anything that you need
  • As labor progresses, I follow my body’s lead.
  • I let go…and relax completely.
  • During my labor the only thing I have to do is nothing…
  • My cervix opens easily and effortlessly
  • I tune out what is going on around me. I am in my private relaxing sanctuary!
  • I welcome my baby with open arms! With each surge, I tell my baby I love then and look forward to their arrival!
  • During labor, time does not matter. I allow myself to be in laborland.
  • As my cervix opens more and more, I move deeper and deeper into relaxation.
  • As my labor advances, I move to my relaxing place.
  • The physical sensations I feel during my labor are the just feelings of my baby coming to me
  • If doubts enter my mind, I immediately take myself to my relaxing place. I am safe, comfortable and secure here.
  • I wait to feel the strength of my body pushing my baby out and I go with this feeling. My body is SO STRONG!
  • I gently nudge my baby downwards. The more I relax, the easier it will be for my baby.
  • My body opens gently and easily as my baby eases out.
  • I am the only thing my baby knows. My baby belongs with me and I insist that we stay together.
  • I already know everything I need to know about birth. The answers are within me!
  • Let’s take a few moments to connect with your baby.
  • Tell your baby how much you love him or her.
  • Tell him or her how much they are wanted.
  • Tell your baby what you will do to make birth easier for them and what they can do to make it easier for you.
  • Acknowledge to your baby any stress or fears that you have been feelings. “Even with this, I love you more than anything, Baby!”
  • Soon, my baby will be here and this will be a memory. I treat this experience with reverence and respect.
  • I am SO lucky to be here! Baby, thank you for choosing me as your mom!
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Ideas: use felt paper and glitter pens to write the ones that spoke to you.  Hang in your labor room!

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