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What to do while staying in on weekends to prepare for baby?  Watch some birth movies (check Netflix if you have a subscription, Apple TV, Amazon or movie website)!

Check out links below for more options; I’m only listing those that I’ve seen:

  • Business of Being Born – United States  has the second-highest infant mortality rate of any industrialized nation.  While midwives preside over the majority of births in Europe and Japan, fewer than ten percent of American mothers employ them, despite their proven record of care and success. Director Abby Epstein and producer Ricki Lake offer a probing look at childbirth in America in the documentary, which explores the history of obstetrics, the history and function of Midwives, and how many common medical practices may be doing new mothers more harm than good. Available on Netflix, iTunes (Apple TV) and Amazon.
  • More Business of Being Born – 4 titles available on Apple TV:
    • Pt 1: Down on the Farm; Conversations With Legendary Midwife Ina May Gaskin
    • Pt 2: Special Deliveries – Celebrity Mothers Talk Straight on Birth
    • Pt 3: Explore Your Options- Doulas, Birth Centers, and C-Sections
    • Pt 4: The VBAC Dilemma – What Your Options Really Are
  • Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin and The Farm Midwives – captures a spirited group of women who taught themselves how to deliver babies on a 1970s hippie commune. From the backs of their technicolor school buses, these pioneers rescued American midwifery from extinction, changed the way a generation approached pregnancy, and filmed nearly everything they did. It shows childbirth the way most people have never seen it–unadorned, unabashed, and awe-inspiring.  Available on iTunes (Apple TV).
  • Orgasmic Birth –  is a movie that will change the way you think aboutWith the growing overuse of technology, surgery and drugs in childbirth and the underuse of natural comfort measures, water, midwives, doulas and support.  Available on Amazon Instant or Orgasmic Birth website.
  • The Happiest Baby on the Block – THE HAPPIEST BABY reveals a secret used for centuries by the world’s top parents…the calming reflex. It is almost an “off switch” for your baby’s crying and an “on switch” for sleep. With just a little practice, you’ll calm most crying fast…and add 1-3 hours to your baby’s sleep! For over 30 years, Dr. Karp has taught his remarkable techniques to over a million parents.  Also The Happiest Toddler on the Block. Both available on iTunes (Apple TV).
  • Microbirth – Winner of Grand Prix Award at 2014 Life Sciences Film Festival. A documentary on the latest research on the origins of the microbiome; how microscopic events during childbirth have lifelong consequences for the health of our children. Available on Amazon (not instant) and Microbirth website.
  • The Science of Babies – National Geographic looks at the first twelve months of a baby’s life. It examines human development in regard to facial recognition, language learning, walking, and perception.
  • Happy Healthy Child series: I met Sarah through prenatal yoga teacher training; she produced these videos.  A holistic, natural series (4 discs) with insights from more than 30 world-renowned experts.  She is hosting a free online worldwide screening Nov 1-12 2016 where anyone and everyone can watch the entire series for free.  So share with anyone who might be interested!  Can sign up here.

What else should be on this list?  Comment below!

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