Prenatal Yoga Kundalini Sets

Below are sets from Gurmukh”s Khalsa Way Prenatal Kundalini Yoga teacher training manual.

Be sure to start with my tune in/warmup before and end with Long Time Sun, as does every Kundalini yoga class around the world.

Can also pair with one of the guided meditations:

Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini Yoga to the West in 1969.  A typical Kundalini yoga classes use breath, movement, mantra, and meditation to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Each class consists of a kriya which is a series of postures taught in sequence to produce a desired effect.  Teachers choose from thousands of kriyas designed to help students deepen their awareness, connect with their creative energy, open the heart, stimulate the immune, glandular and nervous system, and balance the chakras. 

I am aware my video production skills aren’t the best; if anyone has skills in video editing, feel free to contact me!  I just wanted to get sets out there for those that didn’t have access to prenatal yoga in their community.

If looking for something professionally produced, I recommend Gurmukh’s Prenatal Yoga DVD or Anna Getty’s.  Sarah Kamrath also has one for free on Youtube.

Sat Nam 🙂


1. Live Class

2. Twenty-Six Times (26x) Set

3. Change Your Luck

4. For Feeling At Home In Your Body

5. Brain Peacefulness and Balance Between the Hemispheres of the Brain

6. For Intuition

7. Trusting Your Ability to Birth

8. Relieving Tension in the Neck and Shoulders

9. Creating Space in the Body

10. Yes, I Can!

11. For Releasing Fear

12. Staying in the Moment

13. For When You Feel Low or Sad

To be posted here

14. Decreasing Swelling in the Legs

To be posted here

15. For When Things Seem Impossible

To be posted here

16. Spinal Flexibility

To be posted here

17. Dance and Move!

To be posted here

18. For Strength

To be posted here

19. Breast Help

To be posted here

20. Strengthening and Stretching the Pelvic Floor

To be posted here

21. A General Tune-Up

To be posted here

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